Mixing Services

Industry Level Mixing

Your mix needs to translate on multiple platforms simply because your fans and listeners will hear your music on different devices such as, iPads, iPhones, in Clubs etc… they will know if your music doesn’t match up with the rest of the songs on their playlist

My 10 years experience of mixing and music production has helped me to deliver music to a high standard. There’s no better feeling than an Artist being happy with their final mix… PRICELESS

I will work with you to achieve a professional sound that you’re 100% happy with and most importantly connect with your fans. I don’t just stop there though, I promote your music on my social media accounts with a combined following and subscriber rate of over 20,000 on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter!


Listen to Before and After examples:




2 Track Mix:

4 Files – BEAT + 3 VOCAL files:  £70 USD $95   

Full Song Mix:

Up to 10 files: £100 USD $140

Up to 20 files: £130 USD $170

30+ files: £150 USD $200


Beat Mix:

Up to 10 files: £40 USD $55

Up to 20 files: £60 USD $80


Mixing Requirements:

Please ensure all stems/tracks line up at the start of the song 0:00

If possible label your stems/tracks e.g ‘Intro’ ‘Verse 1’ etc

Send your zip folder through wetransfer, Dropbox or any other file sharing service using our email: kcsounds7@gmail.com

Please include a ‘rough mix’ if possible

Once I receive your files I’ll contact you and discuss the project.

On completion of the mix and payment has been received, you’ll have up to 5 mix reviews


*Prices for £GBP & $USD*

*10% off if it’s a KC Sounds production

Bulk deals – 10% discount off each additional track

Please send individual files or stems compressed in a .zip folder through dropbox, wetransfer or any other method for sharing large files