“Mixing Rap Vocals”

I’ve just recently mixed EP’s for a few upcoming Artists and one in particular is Proph.

Proph is a dope upcoming Rapper from London who I connected with through Targets Notice Board on Twitter.

We ended up working on 3 songs and I mixed the 3 songs that Proph blessed.

In this video I show you my approach to mixing Proph and my thought process behind the decisions I made to use certain plugins to achieve the best sound I thought worked for Prophs vocals

You can take some of the tips and use in your mixing to achieve a professional sound

Feel free to comment and let me know what you think. Leave any tips and tricks you use to achieve your sound, I’m open to learning new ways, as you already know the learning never stops

Links will be provided for you to check out as soon as the EP drops

How To Create A “Tape Stop Effect” in Logic Pro X

How To Create A “Tape Stop Effect” in Logic Pro X | Slow Down Effect

Tape stop effect is a creative tool to bring some interest to your beats or song.

Its simple to create in Logic Pro X and can save you a lot of time instead of inserting a plug in to create the same effect. All you have to do is make a volume fade where you want the effect, Right click in the fade area and choose ‘Slow Down’.

You can achieve the same ‘Speed Up’ sound be creating the effect at the start of the audio file and choose ‘Speed Up’.

The tape stop/slow down effect can be used for most genres, you decide whether it fits or not, its your work of art!

Get creative and add this in your next production.

Music is Life

How To Automate VST Synths in Logic Pro X

How To Automate VST Synths in Logic Pro X | Logic Pro Tips

In this video I show you how to automate any parameter/section of your VST synth. This will allow you to switch up your sounds during your beat and add interest to static sounds.

I also show you how to automate a low pass filter to create transitions, a good way to add interest to your beats and make them sound professional.

If there’s anything you’re unsure of drop me a comment and I’ll get back to you.


How To Automate in Logic Pro X

This video is a brief overview on how to use automation in Logic Pro X for beginners and intermediates.

Automation can be used on almost anything inside Logic. It can be used to create transitions, automate volume, panning, filters, and more.

Once you know how to use automation it’ll allow you to create interest in your songs and beats.

Remixing in Logic Pro X



In this video I show you my approach when producing a remix using an acapella in Logic Pro X.

A BPM of 140, sounds from Kontakt, Dune and Sylenth to produce a beat around the vocals of Wiley.

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