“Making beats In Logic Pro X” | How To Make Beats In Logic Pro X


In this video I show you my approach on making beats in Logic Pro X.

I start off with an idea in my head, put down some melodies, throw in some chords, add a few drum sounds and some 808’s to sweeten it up a bit.

Inspiration behind this beat is The Weekend… can you hear it?

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5 Reasons To Go Music School | Producer Community


In this video I give 5 reasons why you should go to music school and 5 reasons why you shouldn’t go to music school.

All 10 reasons are just my own opinion and thoughts on the subject. I’ve studied at a high-level so feel I have enough experience to share my thoughts on why you should and why you shouldn’t go to music school.

“Getting Started in Logic Pro X” | Logic Pro X Tutorial For Beginners

Getting Started in Logic Pro X – Beginners | Logic Pro X Tutorial

In this video I show you the basics of getting started in logic pro. I show you how to set up your I/O’s for your interface, how to use apple loops to draw inspiration for starting a beat, how to record MIDI and how to bounce your file.

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Mixing Female Rap Vocals

MJ Mavericks is an upcoming Rap Artist from United States who I connected with online. I produced the beat called “After Dark” which MJ loved and wrote some bars for it.

Vocals are the most important part of a song especially Rap and so it should stand out in front of the beat simply because it is the lead part, everything else is just in support of the vocals.

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Should You Make “Type” Beats?

In this video, I give my opinion on the recent debate about whether or not a producer should make type beats. I’m all for producers making type beats, especially if it’s gonna help them get exposure, but I also think you should develop your own sound too.


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