4 Music Artist Tips for YouTube

Jan 19, 2016 by KC Sounds - Comments Off on 4 Music Artist Tips for YouTube

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YouTube is probably the biggest platform an unsigned Artist can use to get discovered.

A&R’s and Labels are always on the lookout for the next big thing and if you utilise your channel in the right way you can successfully build a solid fanbase.

This is where you can take complete advantage by having your YouTube channel setup properly, uploading regular content of you gigging, open mic nights and music videos  will help you connect with your fanbase

I’ve only just realised the importance of having beatmaking vids on Youtube, and I’m steadily building my subscribers (click here to subscribe to my channel). This way I can get more recognition for what I do, and for you it will mean more opportunity to be recognised for your talent so make sure you start your channel NOW!

Here are a couple ways to get more subscribers:

1. Create playlists.
It can be your own videos or videos you’ve watched ‘liked’ and grouped together.

2. Cover Songs.
Do cover versions of popular songs and use the Artists name in the title. For example I would use ‘Drake Type Beat’, If I made a Drake type beat, although now some beat makers are shying away from this approach… experiment and see what works for you

3. Tags.
Use tags that are similar to established artists, so when listeners are searching for those artists you’ll come up in the search bar because of your tags.

4. Secret tip.
When you create your list of tags, add 1 tag that relates to you and no one else eg. ‘yournamedope1’. Doing this will link all your videos and have them showing in the list on the right hand-side column. This will allow listeners to see all your videos, meaning… more views, more likes, more subscribers, comments, FANS, you know what it is!

If you’ve already got a YouTube channel send me a link and I’ll subscribe, and if you’ve got any useful tips share them… We are always learning!

If you have any questions, email or leave a comment