Professional, Passionate & Personal

My goal is to help you produce a solid piece of music that you’ll feel 100% confident in releasing on iTunes, Spotify and all other major platforms.

I will help you with song promotion so you can gain the exposure you deserve, and build a solid fanbase that will continue to support you on your music journey

I’ve worked with Artists all across the world, so there is no barrier for us to work together


Full Artist Package Concept


 Project Workflow

  • Discuss song ideas
  • Discuss where you are currently in your career
  • Plan of action for achieving finished product
  • Project timeline


Song Production

  • Production  – Phase 1, I’ll start by creating a few ideas from the ideas we have discussed
  • Vocals – You provide vocal recordings or record at my home Studio, or you may have vocals that I can produce something around
  • Production – Phase 2, after we agree on phase 1 and you’re happy with the beat then we can move on to mixing
  • Mix & Mastering – I will Mix and Master your song to Industry standards


  • We will discuss ways of achieving the most impact for gaining exposure, through social media and other platforms such as blogs, and Radio


I’m happy to answer any questions you might have, as it’s important that you’re happy with your project