What To Do When You Get No Support

Dec 03, 2018 by KC Sounds - Comments Off on What To Do When You Get No Support

What To Do When You Get No Support I felt the need to share this story, simply to highlight a part of my process and inspire you to keep pushing even when there is a lack of support and doors keep on closing on you.

The best way to deal with rejection, or the best way I’ve dealt with it in the past is to understand that you’re not always going to get the help and support you think you deserve.

I believe this is a good thing, because in my situation it gave me the motivation to push myself and rely on no one!

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t reach out for people to help you as there are those who are willing to help and expect nothing in return. Aswell – you could be asking for help at the wrong time, and you have to respect that.

I think in my situation I asked them to help at the wrong time due to their workload, but in actual fact it was the right time for me because I used that rejection to push myself forward and work on my beatmaking skills and grow my business… so I got nothing but Love for them