Record Edit & Upload Videos To YouTube

Feb 06, 2022 by KC Sounds - Comments Off on Record Edit & Upload Videos To YouTube


In this video I show you step by step how I record, edit and upload my videos to YouTube.

I show you what equipment I use to record, video software I use to edit, and how to upload your videos to YouTube properly.

I also show you some kool platforms, like VidIQ & TubeBuddy, that will help you to rank your videos, and give you insight into what people are searching for on YouTube.

I’ve been on YouTube since 2013, and have picked up loads of kool techniques that I wanna share with you, so you can start making better videos for your YouTube Channel.

Even if you’re a noob on YouTube, there are loads of tips in this video that’ll help you on your journey, and help you to develop your style.


DISCLAIMER: Some of the equipment I used in this video have affiliate links, that’ll cost you no extra if you decide to make a purchase. If you decide to use my affiliate link, I’ll recieve a small commission, which’ll help me to continue delivering these type of videos.

Equipment mentioned in the video:

Fositan LED Lights:
Handheld Tripod:
Sony A6000 Camera: (A5000 Discontinued)
Background Lights:
Quick Release Clamps:
Comica Shotgun Mic:
Mini Desktop Backlight Stands: