How To MIX VOCALS Like A Pro (Pro Vocal Chain)

Nov 14, 2021 by KC Sounds - Comments Off on How To MIX VOCALS Like A Pro (Pro Vocal Chain)

If you’ve been wondering how to mix vocals like a PRO, watch this video as I share with you my techniques to mix vocals like a Pro. Knowing how to mix vocals that sound professional, takes practice.

Once you understand the tools that you have to Mix vocals, you start to make educated decisions on what tools will help you achieve a good vocal Mix. I’ve used mostly 3rd party plugins in this Mix, such as Waves, FabFilter, Soundtoys, Sonnox + others.

It doesn’t matter what plugins you use, as their are plenty alternatives out there, that will/can achive similar resluts. If you use Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, or any other DAW to Mix vocals, you can achieve a good quality sound, just with their stock plugins.