How To Mix Drill Vocals (VOCAL FX TRICKS LIKE THE PRO’s)

Feb 23, 2022 by KC Sounds - Comments Off on How To Mix Drill Vocals (VOCAL FX TRICKS LIKE THE PRO’s)

In this video I teach you how to Mix Drill Vocals using different effects, that will make your Mixes sound Pro. These techniques I share with you, can be achieved using any DAW, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Ableton, FL Studio and others.

Inside the video you will see how you how can create stutter FX, and other interesting “earcandy” to keep the listener… interested.

Most of the vocal effects is what you can hear in tracks from Artists like, Central Cee, Digga D, Headie One, Bryn BP, just to name a few.

Knowing how to Mix Drill vocals, using these different vocal affects will help you to sound more Professional. Whether you’re Mixing vocals for your own track to release on Spotify and all other major streaming platforms, or Mixing vocals for a client, these Mixing tips and tricks will give you the confidence to Mix vocals to a decent standard.

The different techniques I use in this Mix, can easily be translated to other genres, such as Rap, Trap, Hip Hop, and all other styles that allow for these types of vocal effects to live.

As you are the Mix Engineer, have fun with creating and adding different elements of sound using the vocal mixing techniques I share with you in this video, and Mix fiya track, after track.