How To Chop Samples In EXS24

Nov 17, 2015 by KC Sounds - Comments Off on How To Chop Samples In EXS24

In this video KC explains how to chop samples ready for use in Logic Pro EXS24 sampler.

Heres how:

Once you’ve decided on the sample you want to use, drag and drop it into the arrangement window. 

Go to Logic (top left corner) hover over key edits and type in split. You can assign a new key on your keyboard that will chop the sample at playhead.

Play the sample and chop the parts you want using a tempo of your choice. If this is to hard to get in time use the marque tool and manually chop where necessary.

Open EXS24 and click edit. A new edit will open for you to drag and drop the samples you’ve chopped.

Click ‘ok’ then go to ‘Group and create a new group. Your new group will be in the box on the left of the window. Highlight all your samples and drag and drop them into the ‘new group’.

Click Groups next to Zones (top left) which will take you to another window, your group window.

Change the polyphony to ‘1’ this will cut the sample every time you press another key giving you the feel of a proper sampler.

Save your new samples by clicking the x button to close the window.