Fade In & Fade Out Audio & MIDI Regions

Jun 07, 2022 by KC Sounds - Comments Off on Fade In & Fade Out Audio & MIDI Regions

Learn how to fade in and out in Logic Pro X.

In this tutorial, I teach you the different ways to fade in, and fade out audio and MIDI regions in Logic Pro X. There are few ways you can use this tool to process your audio.

Fading audio, and MIDI regions can be easily done by selecting the fade tool from the menu, aswell as by using the shortcuts within Logic Pro X.

Fading MIDI isn’t the same process as audio, and has to be done using automation. Learn all the different ways to slect the fade tool, and see which you prefer. Speed is important when editing, by knowing what works best for you and your workflow, will allow you to complete tasks in good time.

Once you know how to use these differnt methods to fade in, and out in Logic Pro X, you will be able to manipulate audio however you choose.

There’s also a cool feature that can bring extra sauce to your Audio regions, and that is the “speed up” and “slow down” FX used by a lot of Producers, and Mix Engineers to bring some extra sauce to their Music.

Watch this video, as I demonstrate theses methods for fading in, and out audio and MIDI regions.