Difference Between Lease & Exclusive Beats

Dec 03, 2018 by KC Sounds - Comments Off on Difference Between Lease & Exclusive Beats


If you’re new to buying or selling beats on or offline, and don’t know the difference between Lease and Exclusive beats, then this video will clear this up for you

From a producer stand point Leasing beats means you can continue to sell your beats to other Artists and Exclusive beats means you can no longer continue to sell that beat to other Artists

As an Artist buying beats and putting out music, it is important to know the difference between buying Lease and Exclusive beats

If you’re planning to sell your music on platforms such as, Spotify, iTunes etc… then it might be a better option for you to purchase the beat ‘Exclusive’ meaning no other Artist will be using your beat

If you’re not too sure what type of numbers (units) you’re going to gain then Lease might be the safe option to go for, then if you go on to gain high amounts of units you’ll have to buy a new Lease, or you could look into purchasing the beat as Exclusive rights

Please make sure you read the agreement that the producer has set, so you don’t get yourself in trouble later on down the line