Comica CVM-VS08 Smartphone Microphone Unboxing + Review

Nov 30, 2020 by KC Sounds - Comments Off on Comica CVM-VS08 Smartphone Microphone Unboxing + Review

In this video I unbox and review a smartphone microphone from Comica. If you’re currently recording videos from your smartphone (iPhone or Android) and thinking about upgrading to get better quality audio, then this microphone could be your solution.


I’ve been using the mic from my camera for years, and although the quality is ok-ish, this is definitely an upgrade. Could it be the best iPhone microphone for 2020?


The Comica CVM – VS08 is a shotgun mic, which means it is very accurate in the audio that it picks up in front of it. As you can see from the narrow design it is directional, so wherever it’s pointing towards – it’ll pick up that sound.


If you notice in the video, the iPhone microphone picks up a lot of surrounding sound; especially when outside. There was also some low level hum that can be annoying to the listener. Yea, you can process the audio after you record, but what I found with the Comica CVM-VS08 is that I could drop the audio straight in the video editing software, adjust a few levels and it sound a lot better than the other microphones I tested it against.


I’m definitely using this in future videos, and would definitely recommend this microphone, the price point is also very good which makes it even more of a no-brainer I hope you find some value from this video.

Purchase Comica CVM – VS08 here: