BEST Plugin Deals for Black Friday (+ MUST HAVE FREEBIE)

Dec 01, 2023 by KC Sounds - Comments Off on BEST Plugin Deals for Black Friday (+ MUST HAVE FREEBIE)

We’re about to uncover some sweet deals that will elevate your music game without breaking the bank. These are some of the BEST plugin deals for Black Friday.

So, if you’re looking to add some gems to your music production palette, stick around. We’re about to sift through the “Best Plugin Deals for Black Friday” – your chance to snag some fantastic tools for your creative journey.

It’s not just a sale; it’s an opportunity to enhance your sonic toolkit. We’ll be exploring Output by Arcade for those cinematic vibes, checking out the creative wonders of Baby Audio plugins, and diving into the timeless classics from Soundtoys.

Plus, we’ll take a peek at Chromaphone, UAD bundles, Arturia, and the finesse of Sonnox.

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Hope you enjoy the video 🙂

Plugin Links: Aracde (Output):

Baby Audio: