Beat Tape

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BeatTape Vol. 1

KC Sounds Beat Tape 3D box 2


Download 10 Hot Rap Instrumentals for an EXTREMELY low price!


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Read more about the 2 different Beat Tape versions below and choose the one that fits you best!


Tagged .MP3 Version:


  • 10 tagged beats (1 voice tag at the beginning of each beat)
  • Suitable for promotional/non-commercialuse only (eg. free mix tapes)
  • Non-exclusive licence
  • 320kbps .mp3 format
  • Instant delivery to your email


 RRP: $199 Today Only $19.95

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Untagged .WAV Version


  • 10 untagged beats (no voice tags)
  • Suitable for commercial use (e.g. Singles or Albums to be sold on iTunes etc)
  • Non-exclusive licence
  • Uncompressed .wav format
  • Instant email delivery


RRP: $299 Today Only $29.95

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