5 Tips For Sharing Your Music On Instagram

Oct 10, 2015 by KC Sounds - Comments Off on 5 Tips For Sharing Your Music On Instagram

5 Tips For Sharing Your Music On Instagram

In this post I give you 5 top tips on how to use Instagram to share your music with old and new fans and followers. Instagram is one of the most used social media apps and as an artist this is an amazing tool for you to allow your fans and followers to get closer to you and be a part of your journey. If you haven’t got an Instagram account yet, you need to go to your app store and download the instagram app IMMEDIATELY 🙂


Plan of Action

Who are you trying to reach? Have a plan for who you’re trying to reach.
 Pointless trying to reach Jazz listeners when you’re doing Trap music. Plan your posts for a week at a time, focus on specific topics, for example 1 week you could post inspirational quotes, week after you could post motivational quotes, or REPOST using 1 of the many apps that does this. 

It would be good to get involved in the community you’re trying to reach. Do this by simply liking and commenting on posts to get yourself out there and the same will happen for you… kinda like Karma 😉


Use #hashtags Properly

Do a bit of research on hashtags that you can use to attract followers.
 Have a look and see what other artists are using, and see how you can add them to your own posts.

IG hashtags blog post

Typical hashtags used are #musiciartist #Music etc as you can see from the pic above. The obvious ones are good because they’re widely used, but I’d recommend using a couple that are unique to you, like #chilledtrap if that’s what you make or anything that relates to you. A couple that I normally post are #ownlane #likeminds and #kcsounds. Find what works for you.

Oh and don’t use more than 10-15 hashtags it’ll make you come across desperate.


Stay true to yourself

Using an iphone you can use iMovie to add audio to pics, there’s loads of apps available now that offer the ability to add audio to pics. It’s good to switch it up every now and then. Post your lifestyle, post your music, post quotes. You can create your own quotes through various apps (meme/quote generators). You can also choose a colour scheme and have this running through your IG, even borders can add a cool edge to your page, it’s entirely up to you BE CREATIVE, BE YOU.


Use good quality images

Make your pics stand out by using filters or HD cameras. There are tons of apps available for you to enhance your pics. 
Mobile fones take pretty decent shots nowadays, so if you don’t fancy splashing out on a HD camera you can get away with using your mobile fone. 
Make your pics as appealing and interesting as you possible and try and have good lighting where possible!

You can look around and see what others are doing and incorporate this into your style.

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 14.21.43

Ellie Goulding’s pic caught my eye today. I’m sure this pic got a few new followers and likes…

Connect to all networks

Once you’ve connected all your social sites such as your Facebook fan page and Twitter,  it’ll be much easier to reach all your followers from just one post. Try not to get discouraged if you’re not getting much love at first, these things take time to build, just stick to the script and post around 1-4 posts daily (more if you want to) and plan them in advance. Don’t go more that a day without posting, gotta stay consistent. If you’ve run out things to post you’re not working hard enough… JOKE, use a repost app and repost a pic you’ve liked , giving the original post credit in your caption

Remember You’ve got a story to tell, so tell it!
So there you go, 5 quality tips on how to use Instagram effectively. If done correctly and consistently this’ll help to build your  account and strengthen your name/brand.


Feel free to share this blog post if it has helped you at all, and leave a comment or top tip that you have found useful for yourself